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Project Results

Project Result 2: “Digital didactic materials” on life skills (for cooperative learning)

Project Result 2 consists in the design and development of digital materials on life skills aimed at SEN students, that could be specifically used for cooperative learning. The objective is to create engaging teaching material for students as:
– Concerns the issues of everyday life and teaches how to “live well”.
– It can be used on a device and uses the typical expedients that digital allows.
– Is used in the context of cooperative learning, making this teaching method even more effective.

The tasks to be performed to achieve this result are:
1. Technical design of the materials architecture.
2. Identify life skills on which to create teaching materials.
3. Technical implementation of materials.
4. Experimental supply of the materials produced.
5. Construction and administration of a measuring instrument for the effectiveness of the materials made.
6. Possible revision and validation of the model of digital materials realization.

Project Result 3: Training course kit for teacher

Based on the results obtained, a training course for teachers will be structured. It consists of the development of a curriculum based on life skills. The teaching methodology is based on micro-teaching and small interdisciplinary units for children to work with images, videos, pictures and short sentences. This helps them to understand and memorise.

This part of the project will be composed of:
– Structuring the activities, defining the techniques and preparing the materials to be used during the training activities.
– Pilot action for the validation of the previously developed curricula.
– Making changes based on the results of the validation and structuring of the final curricula.

Thanks to this training activity it is expected that the teachers involved will acquire more knowledge and skills that will help them to build an attractive and emotional didactics able to contrast the drop-out phenomenon.

Project Results 4: Manual for the production of “digital tools on life skills for cooperative learning”

With the aim of promoting and adopting methods and technological tools and materials for the integration of pupils with special educational needs in secondary school, a handbook will be created which aims to present how digital teaching materials are developed. Therefore, it will be carried out:
– A pedagogical model that can be transferred and adapted to the different school realities of the partners.
– Webinar with staff trainers of the partners to train them on how to proceed with the general implementation of this tool in schools.

In addition, the activities carried out by the participating schools will be documented and then made made public, also through the creation of a YouTube channel of the project.

The Manual will be useful to preserve, even after the end of the project, what has been proposed to convey. It will be translated into all the languages of the countries involved in the partnership and into English, and at the end of the project it will be available for adoption by other schools. It will be available for adoption by other schools or countries that have not participated in the project.